Face Recognition at the Edge for Smart Home Devices

Xailient Brings Privacy-Safe Face Recognition to the Smart Home with Abode Systems

Introducing Orchestrait: Face recognition at the edge for smart home devices

Orchestrait is the world's first privacy-safe face recognition solution that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge to ensure full compliance with biometric data and privacy laws across the world.

By processing data on edge – locally at the smart home device, Orchestrait protects users' personal information, minimizing any transmission of data out of the user's home to the cloud. Xailient has partnered with leading smart home security provider Abode Systems to bring the first Orchestrait integration to market. The new Abode Wireless Video Doorbells will feature face recognition at the edge, providing precise and accurate face recognition with privacy-safe technology.

Unlike edge solutions, cloud-based facial recognition platforms process personal information centrally by sending data from homes and businesses to be analyzed at data centers. The collection of visual data, particularly images depicting people often raises privacy concerns; Orchestrait is designed to minimize data collection and transfers to the cloud, therefore minimizing vulnerability. It relies on a decentralized architecture to ensure that no one party handles a critical mass of personal information at any point in time.

Lars Oleson, CEO and co-founder of Xailient, said, "Privacy is no longer just about protection from hackers – it extends to protection from corporate actors. Fundamentally, it's about respecting consumer expectations and honoring their choices. Companies should now design their products for privacy, particularly where sensitive data is concerned."

Orchestrait addresses privacy concerns by implementing and complying with the latest privacy frameworks, including:

  • the EU and UK's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • the Illinois Biometric Information Protection Act (BIPA)
  • and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Herman Yau, Xailient VP of Strategic Partnerships, said, "Orchestrait Face Recognition runs on the edge and only recognizes users that have granted consent. Convenience and privacy are now both possible for our partners."

Omer Tene, Partner at Goodwin and Senior Fellow at The Future of Privacy Forum, said, "Responsible AI is no longer just a differentiator. Policymakers, regulators and, importantly, consumer expectations are requiring companies to design products and services with privacy best practices in mind."

Xailient's Commercial Partnership with Abode

Xailient has partnered with Abode, a leading smart home security company, to bring privacy-safe Face Recognition into Abode's new video doorbells. According to Abode Systems CEO Chris Carney, "Partnering with Xailient has allowed us to deliver advanced facial recognition while still protecting our customers' privacy. The Xailient team's expertise in AI and strong focus on consumer data privacy gives us the ability to focus on our products and the implementation of different technologies to better serve our customers."

By integrating Orchestrait, Abode can:

  1. Provide more value to customers and further differentiate its product offerings.
  2. Uphold customers' trust by protecting their data privacy in line with industry best practices.
  3. Mitigate compliance risks across all jurisdictions.

Source: Xailient media announcement


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