Dot Introduces Innovation in Accessibility with DotPad

Innovative Startup 'Dot' Wins Best of Innovation at CES 2023 with 'Dot Pad'

Dot Inc, which has developed devices and software for the visually impaired, announced "Dot Pad" won 'Best of Innovation' in the accessibility category at CES 2023. Dot Inc. became the 15th certified B corp in Korea four years ago, joining the ranks of other global heart-forward companies, and further fortifying aspirations as a company toward accessibility.

Dot Inc., founded in 2015, made various assistive devices using its own core technology, "Dot Cell," and introduced the world's first tactile display (hereinafter referred to as "Dot Pad") in 2021. Dot Pad consists of 2,400 pins in a pixel-like grid that can quickly be set to be in up or down positions, forming letters in braille or easily identifiable shapes such as shapes, symbols, tables, and charts on PCs, and mobile devices. Touching pictures and images with fingers makes the content recognized, which is expected to be used to increase accessibility in various fields of daily life such as education, music, and entertainment.

Dot collaborated with Apple to reflect the Dot Pad update in iOS 15.2 updates last December. Now, Dot Pad integrates directly into Apple's Voiceover screen reading feature, making reading text, icon labels, and even graphs or simple images just a tap away. It enables visually impaired users to touch various pictures and writings on the iPhone and iPad on the Dot Pad. Dot is working on innovative projects with companies, organizations, and research institutes around the world besides Apple.

Eric Ju Yoon Kim and Ki Kwang Sung said, "We are grateful that the value of the world's first tactile display has been recognized worldwide and we hope this will serve as an opportunity to receive more attention to education for the blind and the work environment around the world."
Meanwhile, Dot is working closely with American Printing House (APH) and Humanware in education for the visually impaired in the United States through their unique technology. They are ultimately aiming to help rehabilitate people with acquired visual impairment and increase work productivity by facilitating access to essential office programs such as Excel and PowerPoint in the workplace through collaboration with Apple and NV ACCESS. Dot's continuous research is expected to change the education and work environment of the visually impaired around the world.

Source:  Dot Inc media announcement

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