Df2020 launches RegGold Powered by Microsoft Azure

Df2020 launches RegGold, powered by
Microsoft Azure Bot Service

Df2020 today announced the launch of RegGold. RegGold is a Windows 10 Microsoft Azure bot development tool underpinned by a no-code platform for deploying software agents via Azure Bot Service. The RegGold solution enables conversational computing by using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate dialog data in SQL Server for data analytics, such as Microsoft Power BI visualizations.

The new dialog-driven technology provides a platform for organizations across all industries to develop and guide users through digitized decision-making processes to achieve safe and auditable outcomes. RegGold offers an opportunity for organizations to create a golden source for regulation. For some, it also provides the potential to design, grow, and scale new managed services for regulation.

Citizen developers, such as consultants and analysts, can use symbolic language to encode regulations, including orchestrating along with the scripted dialog contextual data, images, and videos as required. A software agent is automatically generated that enables access to digital touchpoints, such as webchat and Microsoft Teams. Human interaction with the agents is recorded as a new form of data for compliance and analytics. RegGold analyzes the dialog data for efficiency and pathway patterns.

“We live in an ever-changing and sophisticated world of rules and regulations that continue to rely on document-based solutions,” said John Rawlings, CEO of Df2020. “This analog approach to regulations means that people must make, often at pace, extremely complex decisions based on limited information. Yet in complex environments, it’s impossible for any one person to know all of the contextual rules needed to make safe, reliable, and compliant decisions. As we move regulation technology into the 21st century, Microsoft Azure will power solutions that help empower our customers to drive better business outcomes.”

Added Freddie McMahon, Chief Thought Leader at Df2020: “This is a paradigm shift capable of driving real regulatory dividends, empowering and accelerating the growth the world will need as it recovers from the effects of COVID-19 and as the UK moves into the imminent challenges of delivering Brexit during the Fourth Industrial Age.”

“Companies like Df2020 add value by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure, including Azure Bot Service,” said Bharat Sandhu, Director, Product Marketing, Azure AI, at Microsoft Corp. “In today’s environment of increasingly changing rules and regulations, the RegGold solution addresses a variety of issues related to the regulation industry and allows customers to take advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability that Azure provides."

Source: Df2020 media announcement

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