Crosstown Fiber Constructs a High-capacity, Subterranean Network

Introducing Crosstown Fiber: A Chicagoland Dark Fiber Infrastructure Developer

Dark fiber owner, operator and developer constructing a high-capacity, subterranean network to be completely diverse and redundant

Crosstown Fiber LLC, a Chicago based fiber optic infrastructure owner, operator and developer specializing in the custom development of fiber optic networks, makes its formal debut. The newly formed company is set to offer infrastructure that is secure, pervasive and scalable, along with being 100% sub-surface, providing unique routes and strategic alternative paths between data centers and other entities.

Crosstown Fiber is led by an executive team of seasoned industry veterans, starting with its founder, President and CEO Michael Underdown. Underdown boasts nearly 30 years of experience in the telecommunications infrastructure industry, primarily in the Chicago market. Prior to joining Crosstown Fiber, Michael served as the COO of Comdesco Group, Inc., a construction management and consulting firm focused on fiber networks and data centers, serving carriers, cable operators, enterprise businesses, and municipalities.

“I’m extremely excited to launch this new venture, and bring a new level of connectivity to the Chicago market,” said Michael Underdown. “Our unique, underground network is the ideal fit for customers who need multiple, diverse fiber routes to maintain business uptime, with high capacity and availability to scale with their unique and evolving needs. We bring the optimal solutions to our customers by leveraging our deep expertise and working with partners who provide uncompromised products and services.”

Utilizing a redundant ring structure with a network route spanning approximately 400 route miles across all corners of Chicago, Crosstown custom designs, builds, leases and maintains high-capacity, high-bandwidth, dark fiber optic networks providing customers the ability to utilize this infrastructure without the bother and personal expense of network construction. Crosstown’s underground, unique-path network is targeted for customers who require access to resilient fiber pathways, with solutions specifically tailored to customers' individual business needs. This spans from school systems, large corporations, hyperscalers and data center operators, small cell wireless carriers, content providers, as well as municipal and other government agencies. Crosstown’s network will initially connect educational locations across Chicago,  featuring unlimited bandwidth and transmission speed, access to a multitude of service providers, customer control of the network, unparalleled security, optional redundancy capability, along with lower communications costs. 

Source: Crosstown Fiber Media Announcement

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