New Antenna Arrays To Provide Fast, Easy 5G Scale-Up For Wireless Communications

Taoglas Unveils Revolutionary 5G Antenna Series

Taoglas today announced its new series of 5G massive MIMO antenna arrays featuring an interlocking modular system enabling mobile operators to scale up quickly for 5G IoT and M2M service

In a move to accelerate the launch of 5G wireless communications networks around the world, Taoglas, a leading provider of IoT and M2M antenna and RF solutions, today unveiled its new series of 5G massive MIMO antenna arrays, designed to allow customers to provide the fastest and best user experiences for the next generation of wireless communications. The new antennas— including the Adaptrix CMM200.A, which features a patent-pending, modular interlocking system to help operators scale quickly to meet the speed and capacity demands of 5G — will be demonstrated for the first time at Mobile World Congress, February 27-March 2 in Barcelona, Spain.

Wireless industry pundits have dubbed 2017 the year of 5G, as ultra-high-speed networks begin to move out of the proof of concept stage and into the field. Designed to support the growing demand from IoT devices and users for high-speed, low-latency connectivity for a growing multitude of use cases across industries, 5G networks need to be able to scale quickly to support demand, with the flexibility to accommodate different spectrum requirements and use cases as they emerge.

5G demands best-in-class solutions from a quality and performance perspective, and antennas are the critical link. The 5G communications hardware market needs precision, quality and even more engineering support than ever before. Like in the race to 4G LTE, Taoglas is the first antenna vendor on the device side to provide 5G antenna solutions and options.

The new 5G antenna solutions from Taoglas include:

·         Adaptrix CMM200.A, a 5-6GHz C-Band Massive MIMO Array

·         Aurora CMM100.A, a 5-6 GHz C-Band Massive MIMO Phased Array

·         Pegasus CMM300.A, a 5-6GHz C-Band 2x8 Slant Polarised Massive MIMO Panel

·         Sauron ELA100.A, a 77GHz E-Band Lens Array Antenna 

The Adaptrix antenna is the first in a series of millimeter wave antenna arrays from Taoglas that demonstrates the company’s patent-pending interlocking modular system. Dermot O’Shea, co-CEO of Taoglas, said, “This first-in-the-industry antenna system means that when you need to add capacity, you simply attach extra panels. You can build them up vertically or horizontally like Lego blocks. You don’t need to worry about spacing, alignment or positioning, it’s a fool-proof system to achieving optimal installation methods.”

“As the 5G drum begins to beat more loudly, the market demand is growing for 5G antennas that can scale and adapt quickly as standards emerge,” said Ronan Quinlan, co-CEO of Taoglas. “Taoglas’ 5G antennas will help vendors and network operators not only get into the field with 5G technology more quickly, but simplify installation and reconfiguration, helping them rapidly adjust and scale as demand and other requirements grow.”

Source: Taoglas media announcement


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