New Multi-Layer DDoS Protection Solution To Protect Networks, Online Services Available

Taiwan Mobile Business Solution Introduces a New Multi-Layer DDoS Protection Service Powered by Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks today announced Taiwan Mobile Business Solution is deploying Arbor's industry-first multi-layer distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) protection technology to meet the latest network security threats

Arbor Networks Inc., the security division of NETSCOUT (NASDAQ: NTCT), today announced that Taiwan Mobile Business Solution has introduced a multi-layer distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection service for their enterprise customers that is powered by Arbor’s DDoS mitigation technology. Taiwan Mobile is a leading telecommunications company in Taiwan offering mobile, fixed-line, cable TV and broadband services.

“Enterprises under DDoS attacks are flooded with an overwhelming flux of packets. Not only is the network bandwidth oversaturated and the server resource depleted, in some cases, the overloaded network protection equipment is also forced to shut down, allowing the attacker to break into the system and to latently prepare a targeted attack. Arbor’s multi-layer DDoS protection solutions enable us to give our customers full network visibility, actionable security intelligence, and broad-based DDoS attack detection and mitigation,” said Chuan-Hui Wu, chief operating officer of Taiwan Mobile’s Business Solution.

“Taiwan Mobile Business Solution customers will benefit from an integrated on-demand solution that delivers protection from the full spectrum of modern DDoS attacks that target bandwidth, applications and infrastructure, often at the same time. Arbor has been a proponent of multi-layer protection for many years, and we are gratified that Taiwan Mobile Business Solution has decided to launch a service for their customers that follows best practice defense,” said Alex Chin, Taiwan country manager for Arbor Networks.

The Need for Multi-Layer Protection
Today’s complex DDoS attacks are the number one threat to the availability of networks, applications and online services. Volumetric attacks are growing. The increasing popularity of amplification/reflection attacks together with massive Internet of Things botnets is adding a new layer of complexity. Modern day DDoS attacks now employ a combination of volumetric, TCP-state exhaustion and application-layer attack vectors. Taiwan Mobile Business Solution is now able to provide cloud-based traffic scrubbing services tightly integrated with on-premise DDoS mitigation defense. This multi-layered, hybrid approach represents the most comprehensive DDoS program an enterprise can deploy to mitigate today’s full spectrum of DDoS threats.

The Arbor Solution
The cloud-based protection is delivered via the integrated Arbor SP and Arbor TMS solutions. Arbor SP combines network-wide anomaly detection and traffic engineering with Arbor TMS’ carrier-class threat management, which automatically detects and surgically removes only attack traffic, while maintaining other business traffic. With the ability to mitigate only the attack traffic, customer-facing services remain available while providers actively mitigate attacks. More than 60 global internet service providers rely on the integrated Arbor SP and Arbor TMS solutions to offer a managed DDoS service to their customers.

The on-premise protection comes via the Arbor APS solution, the first on-premise security product focused on securing the network perimeter from threats against availability – specifically application-layer DDoS attacks. Purpose-built for the enterprise, Arbor APS delivers out-of-the-box, proven attack identification and mitigation capabilities that can be deployed with little configuration, even during an attack.

Arbor’s patented Cloud Signaling capability ensures the tightest integration possible between on-premise and cloud-based mitigation.

Source: Arbor Networks release


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