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This creates an incredibly comprehensive next-generation of energy management for any IoT network

The open continuation U.S. Patent Application that is part of the portfolio will enable the acquirer of these patents to file additional patents fine-tuned to the future technologies of the acquirer while maintaining the 2006 Priority Date of the other patents in the portfolio.

Block diagram configuration of a bidirectional optical access communication network

This figure from U.S. Patent No. 9,723,388 illustrates a block diagram configuration of a bidirectional optical access communication network (101) with a super node (101) as it communicates via a single node optical fiber (280) with a local node (102) and/or a remote node (103).
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Improved Smart Grid Energy Management and Automation

CEM® (Certified Energy Management) systems are emerging key players in the IoT sector. CEM systems integrate the electrical, mechanical, process and building infrastructure in a home or office by determining the optimal solutions to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner. U.S. Patent No. 8,478,450 for a “Power Control System and Method” directly addresses better management of energy consumption by a network of devices and appliances.

This patent is from Advanergy, a smart grid and IoT technology development firm. U.S. Patent No. 8,478,450 is both a robust and foundational patent. It has a 2011 Priority Date, 30 Claims and a whopping 180 Forward Citations. That means that 180 newer patents cite the technology covered in this single patent. It is part of a ten-patent IoT energy management portfolio from Advanergy that also includes smart appliance controls and advanced battery management.

This patent describes an Internet Protocol-based solution that is secure, yet non-intrusive and inexpensive. It uses a global standard, it is plug-and-play installable, and it is compatible with all third-party technology, including the latest electric utility “smart meters” and all ZigBee® system components and devices.

With the other patents in the portfolio, it creates an incredibly comprehensive next-generation of energy management—for any IoT network—that includes full monitoring and control of all smart-enabled devices from any location via Internet access; a smart meter control panel that reports smart and non-smart energy usage; detailed consumption reporting by individual device; remote or on-site device control that can also be scheduled; customizable display options that to report data to users in multiple formats; and a smart battery control that ensures that rechargeable devices are not overcharged so they do not overheat, optimizing battery life.

This technology included in this portfolio covers a single, seamless and comprehensive platform for energy monitoring, sensor network security, and device-control battery-charging. It can communicate with the management of an IoT network with any smart device (PC, tablet, desktop, smart phone, etc.) by broadcasting messages, images or video across an internal network or via an encrypted wi-fi intranet.


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