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"Pipeline invites those from all walks of the OSS/BSS industry to submit ideas for articles that are timely and relevant..."


(article due date Nov 24, 2010)

Enriching the Mobile Experience: 
The level of complexity enabled by wireless devices and carriers is truly astounding.  The last few years have seen a revolution in user behavior that has wireless users clamoring for ever-more bandwidth and content and providers scrambling to deliver on those wishes.  However, there are definite opportunities that are still relatively untapped.  Article topics may include:

  • Bundling content with service plans:  Making content a true differentiator.
  • Introducing a full end-to-end app model.  Making the app experience go further.
  • Beyond Marketing:  Increasing tangible carrier differentiation.
  • Policy control decisions:  Encourage ideal customer behavior (off-peak usage, etc.)?  Discourage problematic customer behavior (throttle usage, charge for overage)?  Both?  

Event coverage:
Mobile World Congress preview

(article due date Dec 29, 2010)

The Cloud Beckons:
The cloud/managed service/hosted service opportunities that CSPs are increasingly offering to the business world have huge potential.  However, with any wealth of potential comes a wealth of hype and overblown possibility.  Cloud services are something we've touched on in the past, but we want to know where the cloud is now, and what challenges CSPs face in delivering cloud services.  Article topics may include:

  • Monitoring/Security concerns in the cloud.
  • The telecom operating systems in the cloud
  • Charging/billing models that make sense for cloud services.
  • The impact cloud has on OSS and BSS
  • Cloud vs. SaaS vs. Open Source vs. In House

(article due date Jan 25, 2011)

Unlocking Next Gen Networks:
The growth of LTE and other forms of 4G (a term that has proven to be occasionally nebulous) have introduced a great deal of possibility, as well as a large amount of increased complexity, to a mobile landscape always seeking ways of doing more, faster.  Article topics may include:

  • The growth of LTE and what it means for CSPs and the OSS/BSS firms that serve them.
  • Faster network, Faster ordering/provisioning capability.
  • Keeping up with revenue growth.
  • Bandwidth management for next gen networks.

(article due date Feb 22, 2011)

We'll explore the OSS and BSS technologies that are breaking new ground and taking CSPs to new levels, and talk to the architects who are designing the solutions that operators need now.

  • The bleeding edge of OSS/BSS:  Growth areas in the space, and technologies that are the key to tomorrow's communication landscape.
  • Carriers and vendors that have embraced innovation and excelled.
  • Barriers to innovation:  Regulation?  Lack of standardization?  Cautious financial backing?
  • A look into the future:  Where overall communications will be in the next decade... and beyond.  An opportunity for industry futurists to make some calls.

Event coverage: 
Management World preview

(article due date Mar 25, 2011)

Cableco vs Telco: 
Our annual Cableco VS Telco issue comes, once again, to bring us news of the struggle between the two leading wired access technologies in a world that is rapidly changing.  Article topics may include:

  • The state of the market.
  • Increased differentiation among players based on natural strengths.
  • The real stakes: Are both access technologies on the way out?
    Event coverage: 
    The Cable Show preview

(article due date Apr 25, 2011)

Be Prepared: Network Continuity and Security in the Face of Natural and Unnatural Threats
Recent headlines have been dominated by natural disaster and political unrest, worldwide. While these threats have been omnipresent since time immemorial, the increasingly interconnected nature of communications networks, supply chains, IT infrastructures, and social networks reminds us of just how crucial communications and data continuity are, and how quickly networks can fall apart, isolating corners of our interdependent world. In our June issue, Pipeline explores what service providers are doing to prepare for the worst, even as we all hope for the best.

  • What service providers are doing to protect against data loss in the event of natural disaster.
  • Cloud computing: Does it ameliorate (through decentralization) or exacerbate (by increasing interconnectedness and interdependency) the impact of network outages?
  • How networks are being secured against fraud and malice.
  • The role communications networks play in disaster relief for affected areas.
  • Special security and emergency preparedness considerations for undersea cables and satellite networks.
  • The state of E911 and other emergency services networks.

(article due date May 25, 2011)

Efficiency - Running Lean and Going Green: 
Increased efficiency has many benefits.  On one hand, a lean company can be outrageously profitable, sporting reduced overhead.  In addition, there are very real environmental concerns to which CSPs and other enterprise/SMB consumers are becoming more alert.  OSS/BSS companies can increase efficiency regardless of motivation.  But how?

  • The efficient beauty of automation.
  • Real-time monitoring making the most of limited assets.
  • Integrating carbon footprint awareness with other system monitoring components.
  • Running lean while maintaining positive customer relationships.

(article due date Jun 24, 2011)

Network Integrity: 
The newest and greatest services and applications get all the good press.  Consumers want to be able to do things with their communications devices, and they don't care all that much how much heavy lifting has to be done to create a network strong and agile enough to deliver on their demands.  That means that CSPs must maintain networks that possess that oft-overlooked trait:  Integrity.  Article topics may include:

  • Creating reliable networks.
  • Diagnosing and correcting network issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Network-side security.
  • Maintaining network integrity in booms and busts.

(article due date Jul 25, 2011)

Customer Service: 
CSPs have a remarkable amount of insight into the activity and preferences of end users.  They can use this visibility to maintain proactive relationships with customers.  In addition to being able to see into usage preferences and other consumer activity, CSPs have an opportunity to really “see” their customers:  To go beyond simple monitoring to understand their needs and wants and deliver customer service in a way that few other industries can.  Article topics may include:

  • The literal “seeing”: Network monitoring.
  • The figurative “seeing”:  Using customer awareness to drive satisfaction.
  • What it takes to be a truly attentive CSP.
  • Fixing problems before they occur:  True proactivity.

Event coverage:
To be confirmed.

(article due date Aug 25, 2011)

Standards and Frameworks: 
Standards are an important component of any industry.  Within telecom, it's important to explore what standards and frameworks are gaining ground and which are lagging.  Article topics may include:

  • Why standards are important.
  • The top standards-making bodies for the communications world, with a bonus for OSS/BSS focus.
  • Why some firms resist standardization.

Event coverage:
Management World Americas preview

(article due date Sep 23, 2011)

The Video Issue: 
This issue will explore video services and how CSPs can tap into the latest technology and deliver the video experiences their customers want.  Article topics may include:

  • The CSP revenue opportunity and accompanying BSS demands of the video conferencing market.
  • The special monitoring requirements for a growing video consumer audience.
  • The impact of video conferencing and video services on mobile bandwidth.
  • The reality of IPTV
  • How OSS enables a 4-screen experience

(article due date Oct 25, 2011)

Though the term “convergence” has been on the lips of every marketing staffer at every telecom event for the past few years, there are very real convergence questions that remain unanswered.  This issue is a chance to put those issues to bed.  Article topics may include:

  • Billing convergence:  One bill to cover them all.
  • The seamless user experience, from concept to delivery to monetization.
  • The final word on fixed-mobile convergence.

To contribute an article, please submit a 50-100 word abstract outlining the article topic.  You must also provide the author's name and title.  Send abstracts to editor@pipelinepub.com at least one week prior to the article due dates outlined above.

Editor in Chief: 
Tim Young,
+1 312-962-0130

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