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Distribution & Circulation

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Total Distribution: 181,000

More than 181,000 copies of Pipeline’s e-newsletter are distributed annually to the world’s leading service providers who want to know about OSS & BSS solutions.

Pipeline has five arms of distribution: 

  1. Subscriber Newsletter Distribution
    Pipeline is distributed via e-mail to a list of 100% opt-in subscribers who want the first look at each new issue of Pipeline magazine.

  2. Newswire Newsletter Breaking news and information from Newswire clients is distributed weekly through the Newswire newsletter to Pipeline’s subscribers.

  3. Special Tradeshow Distributions
    Pipeline partners with the leading industry trade shows, events, and conferences to provide the timeliest coverage of emerging OSS/BSS issues and to distribute Pipeline to the communications industry at-large.  Pipeline’s special media and tradeshow distributions reach communication professionals at leading industry events like:

TM Forum’s Management World
Management World Americas
Optimizing OSS
The Cable Show
CTIA Wireless
FTTH Conference & Expo
Mobile World Congress
IEC events such as Broadband World Forum & SOFNET
IPTV World Forum events
Carrier Ethernet World
…and more. 
Call for information
about upcoming shows.

  1. International Web Readership
    Pipeline publishes 12 issues per year at www.pipelinepub.com.  Pipeline receives well over 2 million hits per year from over 96,000 unique visitors from more than 145 countries.

  2. Web 2.0 Distribution In addition to the distribution channels above, news and information is released over Twitter, LinkedIn and an RSS feed for the Pipeline readers who prefer to receive information that way.

More than 320 of the world's leading CSPs are represented among Pipeline's opt-in subscribers.


100% of Pipeline’s Subscribers opt in to receive instant notification when a new issue is posted to www.pipelinepub.com. Each individual has expressly subscribed to receive Pipeline’s OSS/BSS Newsletter. When you consider this and our dedicated editorial focus, you can be assured that each subscriber has a direct interest in OSS/BSS. That means you can be guaranteed all our Service Provider-Subscribers are interested in OSS/BSS products and solutions.


Demographics Chart
*other (consultants, analysts, agencies, government, industry associations etc.)


59% Telco
25% Wireless
16% Cable, MSO


50% North America
42% Europe, Middle East, and Africa
3% Asia-Pac


27% Executive (CXO EVP VP)
21% Director  
21% Manager
25% IT/Technical Staff  
6% Other

More than 320 of the world’s leading CSPs are represented among Pipeline’s opt-in subscribers.

Click here to view a sampling of service providers who subscribe to Pipeline.

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