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CramerCramer – Changing the Economics of Telecom
Cramer is the leading provider of enterprise OSS solutions for telecom network operators. More than 50, including leading Tier 1s such as Bell Canada , BT, KPN and Telmex, use Cramer as their core IT platform integrating with and managing other back office applications.

Cramer's approach – helping operators drive the business through efficient operations – represents a fundamental shift that is changing the economics of telecom, delivering tangible benefits that include solid ROI and improved financial performance.

Cramer achieves these results for operators by:

  • Eliminating significant operational expenditures
  • Increasing returns on capital
  • Reducing capital expenditures
  • Improving infrastructure and capacity management for optimal efficiency

Increased operational efficiency benefits operators where it matters most – in serving customers.

Cramer positively impacts the customer experience by introducing speed, predictability and consistency into many of the processes that directly affect satisfaction levels. Higher satisfaction translates to customer loyalty, increased usage and profitability.

Inventory Powered Automation
Cramer takes a business-oriented approach to operations. Our view: The principal job of OSS is to connect a telco's commercial systems to the network, automating operational processes to make the business more efficient.

Automation allows costs to go down while service quality and consistency go up, and raises productivity without increasing staff. It decreases the need for new network investment by ensuring optimization of existing facilities.

The keys to automation are ultra-reliable processes that track, direct, deploy, move, configure, assemble consumer and recover network capacity. For the processes to be ultra-reliable, the network data they're based on must be spot-on accurate.

Cramer's inventory powered automation solution ensures the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency through four components:

  • An Active Inventory Core that knows not only how the network is structured but how it behaves, validating network change as it is designed, and permitting only those changes that fulfill technical or policy constraints.
  • Network Process Automation to encapsulate the business and technical expertise of back office specialists into policy-based templates that can execute automatically.
  • Implementation Control to sequence and optimize execution of real world network changes, interacting with external applications to control end-to-end service delivery activities.
  • And finally, Data Integrity Management to “close the loop” on processes, comparing actual data changes with expected changes.

The end result: a scaleable, modular, totally proven solution that's currently helping top tier operators of fixed line, cellular and data/IP networks change the economics of telecom.

About Cramer
Cramer ( is the global leader in enterprise software that changes the economics of telecommunications. We have empowered telecommunications carriers on five continents to lower costs, reduce time to market and increase profits. The Company's newest product suite, Cramer5 was named ‘Best OSS Product' of 2004 and is emerging as the solution of choice for the largest telecommunication operators in the world to drive the success of their business.

Brochure: Changing the Economics of Telecom

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