By: Tim Young

My, oh my. What a long way the talkies have come.

Less than a century ago, video made what must have seemed like a quantum leap forward, as the flicker-shows began to include sound that moved along with the images. Audiences rejoiced. Studios strutted. Film actors with the face for the screen, but without the voice to match, took up some other profession.

Decades rolled by. The audio/video experience left the theater and entered the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen.

Home video sales boomed. Cable TV brought the movies home. The experience went digital. It went mobile. It went everywhere.

Now you get Tonight Show clips in taxi cabs and sports highlights on your phone.

Video has come a long way. Consumer demands have increased in breadth and depth. Service providers, content producers and distributors, device manufacturers, and a host of other players are striving to meet those demands.

In this issue of Pipeline, we explore the latest in how end-user demands are changing and how service providers are meeting those demands through the use of cutting edge OSS and BSS.

We also take a look into the world of TV Everywhere and the threats and promises of OTT video, and examine the nascent technologies behind HbbTV. Our team looks into whether 3DTV is really all it's cracked up to be, and market leaders like Avvasi discuss the challenges of next gen video.

Get the picture?


Tim Young, Editor-in-Chief


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