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IMS: the Way to True Convergence?
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Is IMS the Golden Goose?

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By Dawn Hill

Is there a golden goose movement on the rise? Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka demanded a goose that laid golden eggs, which kicked off the "I want it now" musical scene in the movie. Lyrics included, "I want it now. I don't care how. I want it now! And if I don't get the things I am after I'm going to scream!" Are today's consumers any different? Are consumers demanding IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)? Not by that name or acronym, of course, but today's consumers are demanding the net results/benefits of IMS, which include anytime, anywhere access; instant gratification; individualized experience; and customized offerings.

Consumer Demands

With portable phones and cell phones, consumers are reachable virtually everywhere, from the backyard and beyond. Data cards and free Wi-Fi connect consumers to data just as easily as voice. The communications industry can learn from Acura on how consumers value anytime, anywhere access. Acura now offers a technology package that includes AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic. This feature helps Acura drivers avoid traffic jams by providing updated traffic information through its real-time navigation system. It even suggests alternative routes based on real-time traffic conditions.

Patience is a lost virtue and has been on its way out since the advent of email, chat, and instant messaging.


Using WIIFM (What's In It For Me?), a tactic of persuasion and motivation, companies like Yahoo! and New York Times have customized their websites for an individualized experience. Avid gardeners can change the appearance of their Yahoo! homepage to view weather before real estate, sports fans can view college and national sports news before shopping, while teens can move entertainment and music to the top of their viewing window above finance and business news. As the owner of the pipe, service

Patience is a lost virtue and has been on its way out since the advent of email, chat, and instant messaging. The next generation witnessed a startlingly sudden loss of life on 9/11 and has already begun to question the point of planning, anticipating, and developing long-term goals. They don't see the need for patience and instead demand instant gratification. With online shopping, on-demand music and movies, people don't want to wait. Even with the online auction phenomenon of eBay, impatient consumers don't have to wait to see if they've won the item up for bid. They simply "buy it now."

providers have the unique opportunity to provide its customers with a customizable homepage allowing their customers to view web content the way they want it.

Companies like Amazon.com have moved beyond target marketing, which includes segmenting the market defined by age, gender, geography, socio-economic grouping, or any other combination of demographics. Specifically, Amazon.com uses more than stereotypical demographics and instead uses previous searches, selections, and purchases to offer customized new sales offerings

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