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IMS: the Way to True Convergence?
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The Search for Mobile Payments Continues

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Further, mobile micropayment and microtransfer seem ripe for advertising. Mobile phones can present coupons, promotions, and discounts directly to consumers and collect feedback from them. NFC fobs can't do that. Credit card companies continue to bombard America's mailboxes with credit card offers. It stands to reason they'll want to use mobile channels to drive more personalized and short term offerings, even if they are using key chain trinkets for contactless payments today.

Rather than sending customers checks attached to an interest rate, they can send the same kind of "buy now" offers through the mobile device. Credit card payments can be conducted by text message. OSS/BSS can play roles in managing content delivery relating to promotions, enabling simple "press this button" user interface interactions, and ensuring follow-up processes are fulfilled relating to opt-ins, hard goods orders, and rewards programs. Even desperate bankers know that the mobile channel can deliver the elusive market of one. It's time for telecom to open it up and secure its position at the center of the transaction hub, just like they're doing down in Mexico.

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OSS/BSS can play important roles in the micropayment and microtransfer worlds because of the need for transaction integrity and accounting.


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