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Tis the season…

By Shawn Flemming

During this time of year, as stores gear up for the holiday crowds, slashing prices and extending shopping hours with all the bells and whistles any customer can imagine, what differentiates one purchasing experience from another? It’s the customer experience, whether positive or negative that becomes the telltale sign of whether a company will be reaping in the profits or counting their lumps of coal this holiday season.

We thought it would only be appropriate to end the year focusing on the Customer Experience. In an effort to connect with your customer, it becomes vital that you not only understand their way of thinking about products but also how they view the experience of dealing with your company representatives, whether it be a salesperson, repairperson or customer service rep. By breaking down the myths and reality of up-selling/cross-selling, the back office supports vital to retaining customers and more than anything else the in’s and out’s SOA and CRM, it all boils down to satisfaction.

It’s a simply philosophy: Keep the customer happy and coming back for more. Unfortunately, sometimes because of antiquated operating systems, ill-informed customer representatives, or worst yet, not knowing the fundamentals of what a customer thinks, companies are spending countless dollars on swaying new customers when their best bet is keeping the ones they already have.

In this issue of Pipeline, we’ve brought together some of the foremost thinkers on the customer experience to provide our readers with the latest movements and support systems necessary to keep your customers coming back for more.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!.

Shawn T. Flemming
Pipeline Publishing, L.L.C.

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