Pipeline Publishing, Volume 7, Issue 5
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Wireless for Developing Markets
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Wireless for Emerging Markets
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By Tim Young

There is a thin line between luxury and necessity. A necessity is something that is essential for basic survival. A source of water. Some sort of basic nutritional sustenance. Protection from the elements.

However, as most of the people on this planet move away from a life of staving off attacks by wolves and leopards, and put away their hunter-gatherer ways, the definition of necessity starts to expand.

Shelter. Electricity. Education. Safety.

And, increasingly, communications.

I can’t speak for everyone, but as a citizen of the United States, I tend to focus on the Western paradigm of wireless communications. I see a communications climate that is constantly increasing in depth and speed, with roots in PSTN legacy networks, and becoming less and less telco-centric and more and more mobile-

Behind every emerging market scenario are numerous OSS/BSS puzzles that must be solved.

Gathanju, a resident of Kenya who has witnessed the communication growth in his homeland first-hand. We also hear from our own Ed Finegold, who, as always, brings his ample BSS experience to an examination of the special needs of the emerging markets.

centric with every passing day.

However, there is an ENOURMOUS portion of the world’s population for whom communications have leapfrogged the byzantine legacy environment to become a wireless world that simultaneously serves the logistics needs of wireless providers and delivers unprecedented levels of connectivity to mobile subscribers.

However, behind every emerging market scenario are numerous OSS/BSS puzzles that must be solved in order to deliver the best possible service experience to the booming numbers of emerging market subscribers.

This issue of Pipeline examines some of those puzzles. Our editorial team takes a look at trends in wireless for developing markets and how OSS/BSS providers can help to master these issues. We feature insight from Denis

We also hear from the experts at ConceptWave, who highlight the challenges, as well as the opportunities, that await CSPs in emerging markets, and how flexibility can help to maximize the business case for activity in these markets. In addition, we have an article from the communications IT specialists at Tekelec, who highlight the policy control needs of the nascent LTE market. Also not to be overlooked; Pipeline hosts a special preview of this year’s AfricaCom conference.

All that, plus the latest on upcoming OSS/BSS events, and a wealth of other news and analysis from the OSS and BSS worlds.


-Tim Young


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