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Wireless for Developing Markets
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Our Preview of AfricaCom
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“Africa's telecommunications market is going through major changes. The market has been growing at exceptional rates, but organic growth is slowing down and operators are looking for new services and business models to maximize their profitability. In the last couple of years, international connectivity has been vastly improved by the arrival of submarine cables and improved satellite networks, meaning broadband will be made more accessible and more services will be available. Most operators have deployed 3G, and a number of them are already looking at LTE to enable more services.” Outsourcing is also a key trend in the market, as operators are looking at ways to reduce their costs. The arrival of Indian operator Bharti Airtel following its acquisition of Zain Africa is

What happens in Africa over the next few years could drastically alter the global telecoms industry.

line telephone, of power supply or of road networks to reach the more remote areas. In addition, some countries still lack the adequate regulatory framework to support the growth of a healthy competitive telecommunications industry. Not to mention the low disposable incomes of the consumers.” Our role at AfricaCom is to bring together all the stakeholders of the industry (operators, service providers, infrastructure vendors, solutions suppliers, regulators, investors) to share best practices and to help develop the solutions that will help the market grow despite those challenges.”

creating a lot of hype, whose low-cost model is based on outsourcing, and should provide new opportunities for solutions suppliers.”


Are there any challenges facing these developing markets, where are there areas for improvement and how does AfricaCom help to further these advances?


“The major challenges facing Africa's telecommunications market is the lack of infrastructure, be it in terms of fixed-

The Road Ahead

These are exciting times for African telecoms, and with the world’s largest untapped market. What happens in Africa over the next few years could drastically alter the global telecoms industry. With African telecoms set to explode, AfricaCom could be a great way to get the lay of the land and see what the future may hold.

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