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Management World Orlando:
A Reflection of the Changing Communications Industry

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We're making significant inroads in the cable sector, and we're looking very closely at other players such as device manufacturers, content creators, and content aggregators. We're also taking the frameworks we've had in place for years that allow the telcos to automate their processes and we are expanding those to accommodate new services and types of companies.

Communications companies today are looking for much more flexibility and the ability to build services out of reusable components rather than hard wiring everything. They are working across complex value chains and changing who they work with quickly and easily. Agility is a big part of this overall principle.

At TM Forum, we're building upon all of the great frameworks and standards we've developed over the years and provide the market with the foundations it needs in this brave new world.

A business plan that relies on the service not selling in order to keep costs under control isn't much of a plan!

mainstream telcos and cable players who are now looking at instituting a bigger-picture transformation to ensure their future success. This summit will feature presentations on our core frameworks including TM Forum's Business Process Framework (eTOM), our Information Framework (SID) and our Application Framework (TAM).

The Digital Commerce and Advertising Summit will focus on how telecom, cable, advertising and media/entertainment are coming together in new and interesting ways to deliver innovative new services. We'll try to answer questions like how is advertising going to begin to translate to new forms of revenue in the digital world and how do

Create, Deliver, and Monetize Digital Services

Management World Orlando, taking place November 16-20, is the best place to get a solid understanding of the new communications industry, its challenges and concerns, and solutions to keeping everyone in the new value chain happy.

Our theme of "create, deliver and monetize" lines up perfectly with our unique tri-summit format that will focus on the entire services lifecycle. Rather than presenting a single monolithic conference, we're really drilling down into the core areas of interest that TM Forum and its members are looking to advance over the next 5 years.

The Transformation Summit will focus on reducing costs and helping providers become more agile at developing new services. It will address the challenges facing the

you create service delivery capabilities to deliver this new content in an effective and efficient way. This summit will look closely at where we expect the major revenue growth to take place over the next 5-10 years and the key challenges that are going to delay it or make it more difficult to realize that growth.

Lastly, the Revenue Management and Customer Experience Summit will focus on how to actually make money from these new digital services and how to ensure customers are happy. As we all know, if your customers aren't happy, no one in the value chain makes money. This summit will also showcase TM Forum's focus on BSS, including hot topics such as billing, charging, rating, revenue assurance and how to proactively manage the customer experience.

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