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Nakina Systems provides Domain Control and Intelligence solutions to communications equipment and service providers worldwide. Our solutions enable service providers to scale new network service infrastructure more rapidly and cost-effectively.

What makes Nakina different? We combine:

  • Proven scalability to 10,000s of nodes;
  • Deep function-by-function control for elements of any complexity;
  • Built-in configurability and tier one operations processes.

That’s why Nakina solutions are deployed in daily use to manage critical telecom network infrastructure in over twenty four countries around the world.

Domain Control and Intelligence bridges the gap between "proven in the lab" and "ready for national and global rollout." Our ultimate objective is to enable service providers to roll out complex new infrastructure – Ethernet, IMS, optical, and wireless – without operational obstacles and expensive manual processes that slow deployment.

IMS, VoIP, Ethernet and all their friends.
Bring it on!
Nothing stops Nakina.



ConceptWave is a leading provider of order management and product catalog management solutions that improve operational efficiencies and facilitate the rapid delivery of new services for the Communications Service Provider market. ConceptWave Order Care is a highly configurable order handling and product management platform that supports end-to-end flow-through order capture, order management and I Want My IPTV via a product catalog through a fully-integrated J2EE/SOA and NGOSS product platform. Our products are deployed worldwide and are also offered through OEMs and global system integrator partners



Comptel Corporation is a leading provider of OSS (Operations Support Systems) software to the telecoms market. Since 1986, we have delivered our solutions to 280 customers in 85 countries serving in their turn over 800 million subscribers. Comptel customers include leading operators, such as América Móvil, Bharti, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, O2, SWIFT, Telefónica, VimpelCom and Vodafone.

Our Comptel Dynamic OSS™ products and solutions focus on fulfillment, convergent mediation, charging and policy control. Our expertise allows Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to focus on their core business: developing, delivering and charging for innovative and profitable services.



Three Agilent White Papers Offer Insights for Mobile Network Operators

  1. Monitoring and Troubleshooting Mobile Softswitch Voice Networks

    In today's competitive marketplace, service portfolios are expanding while ARPU stays flat. Thus, the pressure to reduce costs is unrelenting. Yet, users expect fast and reliable service, and rapid availability of new services. Against this backdrop, mobile operators are evolving from TDM to an MSS architecture. This transition has clear benefits; however, it also carries noteworthy challenges. Ensuring initial and ongoing success of an MSS-based network depends on tools that enable effective network management, monitoring and troubleshooting.

  2. Troubleshooting CDMA Packet Data Networks to Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

    The popularity of smartphones has led to massive growth in the volume and complexity of data traffic on wireless networks. In this volatile environment, subscribers and operators share a crucial point of potential dissatisfaction: support calls. Calls have become more complex, take longer to resolve, and can cost millions in customer care. This paper examines the issues faced by CDMA network operators; describes monitoring methods and optimum monitoring points; and outlines the key elements of an advanced solution.

  3. Maximize the Customer Experience with 3GPP Mobile Data Services

    Similar to (2), but customized for operators of GPRS/UMTS networks.



LTC International provides leading companies in the telecommunications and IT sectors with a unique level of service based on true subject matter expertise. Our Business Operations Architects® each have at least ten years of hands-on experience in service provider and IT intensive companies. Our consulting team has experience in all areas of business profit optimization, wireless and wireline communications, Internet services, as well as software and hardware planning, implementation and operations.

LTC has incorporated more than 1,000 years of first hand operating company and software application experience into our Business Management Toolkit. This comprehensive set of tools, guidelines, checklists, templates and training programs is designed to remove uncertainty and accelerate success for our clients.

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NEW PARADIGM RESOURCES GROUP, Inc. (NPRG) is the nation's leading strategic consulting and research firm for innovators within the communications industry.  NPRG provides business strategy and technology advice to our clients.  To accomplish this, we identify, analyze and forecast emerging technologies and trends, support mission critical decision-making processes for service providers, technology developers and financial institutions, and deliver proven business strategies, product plans and market forecasts, enabling clients to succeed within evolving market conditions.

NPRG has long published an extensive array of industry analysis reports to keep up with the ongoing competitive, technological and product evolution. To present our data and analyses on a continuous basis, NPRG has moved to a completely online, dynamic set of Continuous Information & Advisory ServicesSM presenting all the sectors we cover, including the CLECs, in the dynamic delivery format.

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