Pipeline Publishing, Volume 3, Issue 1
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Balancing Billing 
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• The Cost of Complexity
   By Barbara Lancaster of LTC

"The Billing Challenges of IMS "

In the last issue of Pipeline, I wrote about Quality of Service in the IMS environment.  QoS is one area where IMS can potentially deliver a strongly differentiated service offering compared to what might be available over a “free and unfettered” IP network such as the Internet or its descendant.  And it’s the kind of differentiator that some customers logically may be willing to pay extra for. 

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• Pre-Paid and Post-Paid
By Dana Porter & Yaron Morgenstern, Amdocs Revenue Management

“a Convergence that Must Happen ”

For years, service providers have looked at and discussed pre-paid/post-paid convergence. There was no driving need to bring these two together, which left many service providers content to stick with business as usual.

Now, convergence has become an imperative. As the telecom industry undergoes significant change, service providers are focusing on new business issues that must be addressed through pre-paid/post-paid convergence...

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Keeping it all in Check
   By Kerby Altmann of Sigma Systems & Roger Thompson of Nortel

"The Vital Role of OSS in Taming Commercial Services "

According to Cable Datacomm News, the market for commercial telecom services is estimated at more than $120 billion dollars. It is also estimated that cable operators stand to earn more than $1 billion dollars this year from commercial services offerings.

Beyond the numbers, the impetus for operators to launch is straightforward – commercial markets represent a largely untapped audience from which operators can generate new revenue streams and subscriber growth.

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• Telecom
   By Dan Blacharski

"and the emerging Asia-Pacific Marketplace

China Mobile, the largest mobile operator in China, has revenues of $23 billion. But China is not alone in the Asian nations; India and Japan both present enormous opportunities for telecom companies and OSS providers alike. India, in particular, has a rapidly growing middle class, and the need for telecom services in that country is particularly burgeoning.

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• Like Clockwork
   By Pano Anthos  

"New Approaches to OSS/BSS Integration "

Billing is about managing complexity and responding to ever increasing demands to make things simple, transparent and easy to understand. Billing is an evolving sequence of IT and data tactics designed to reduce the number of connections, systems and structures necessary to operate telcos efficiently and aggregate and report critical data clearly and speedily

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• Pipeline's Peview of:
   By Tim Young, Editor-in-Chief - Pipeline.  


Hot town, summer in the city.  Well, the way the summer is going in Chicago so far, the this particular city has a ways to go before the back of our necks get too dirty or gritty.  But I don’t think the weather, hot or cold, is going to deter the crowds from making their way to Chicago’s McCormick Place for the first annual GLOBALCOMM 2006.  The show is brand new... and yet may seem somewhat familiar to many attendees, as it will likely bear a strong resemblance to the now-defunct Supercomm.

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• Letter from the Editor
   By Tim Young, Editor-in-Chief - Pipeline.  

"Feats Unimagined"

Like any other industry, telecom is all about seeking out, securing, and channeling new opportunities for the sake of progress, innovation, and, of course, profit.  Not every frontier is hospitable, and not every quarry attainable, but without any risk of failure, advances would be impossible.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Right?

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