Reliability and quality are not competitive differentiators.
They are table stakes.

Get more from what you've got

Your customers' experience begins before a single service is ordered. Understand your target-market's perception and promote your unique strengths. Invest in your brand and tell them how you can change their lives.They should feel compelled to buy from you. And, when they do, treat them like A-list celebrities with unparalleled service.

That means handle their orders flawlessly and ensure customer issues are resolved immediately, knowledgeably, and gracefully. Provide your customer service representatives with the tools to trouble-shoot and resolve customer issues as soon as the issue is raised. Leverage your network and communications IT infrastructure to gain visibility into your customers'information, trends and experience. Nimbly create and introduce new services and new service combinations. Maximize efficiency which can be passed through to your customers. Manage your customers' complete lifecycle and continually rejuvenate their experience.

If you can do this, you stand to create a palpable demand for your products and services. I'm not saying you can do it, or that you can do it all, but it may be your only chance.

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