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Letter from the Editor
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Letter from the Editor:
Heraclitus Revisited.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that “nothing endures but change.”  Not a bad call for a guy born 2500 years before anybody had managed to cobble together a decent VoIP service or home network.  If Heraclitus were still around (and had traded his sundial and toga for a Blackberry and business casual) he’d have even more support for his declaration of constant flux.  However, while some may view the spate of change as chaos, others may view it as something far more promising: metamorphosis. 

Sure, metamorphosis is change, but a particular brand of change.  The word carries connotations of rebirth and transformation.  A haircut is a change.  The path from tadpole to frog is a metamorphosis.  And it is precisely the latter that is being experienced by service providers, solution vendors, and end users as we speak.  Shifts are occurring that could conceivably and notably improve the scope of communications.  Then again, no change is a cakewalk.  There are cacoons to be built and broken.  Legs to be grown.  Wings to develop.  In short, a few growing pains. 


"Sure, metamorphosis is change, but a particular brand of change.  The word carries connotations of rebirth and transformation."

In yet another chapter in the digest of the changing face of communication, Pipeline brings you articles designed to expand upon this idea of metamorphosis.  The shift from traditional networks to IMS-driven multimedia options.  The growth of next-gen OSS/BSS solutions.  The transition to VPLS.   Within these pieces, you can catch a glimpse of the sort of change that is the hallmark of our day.  Change so rapid that Heraclitus could fill parchment after parchment about the nature of change.  (That is, of course, if he didn’t wise up and get a laptop, already.)


Tim Young


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