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Evolving Systems, Inc.

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Evolving Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ-EVOL) is a global provider of software and services that enable communications companies to support and manage their existing networks, as well as to migrate easily to next generation networks.

Evolving Systems' mission critical software solutions support more than 150 million wireless subscribers and 150 million access lines worldwide.

The Company's portfolio includes innovative and comprehensive products for:

- Activation
- Mediation & Assurance
- Numbering Solutions

These products enable operators to improve the efficiency of delivering new services over existing and new technologies, helping them to simplify operations, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Evolving Systems' products are designed with the flexibility and scalability to suit operators from start-ups to established Tier 1 carriers.

Traditionally known as a leading provider of number portability solutions, Evolving Systems has completed three acquisitions since November 2003. These acquisitions were:

CMS Communications (US), November 2003
Telecom Software Enterprises (US), October 2004
Tertio Telecoms (UK), November 2004

Founded in 1985 in the United States, the Company has headquarters in Englewood, Colorado.

Evolving Systems' Tertio solution is a modular suite of packaged software that provides a scaleable, high performance service activation system. It is designed to help operators activate services quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively across multi-technology domains.

The Tertio Activation Designer and Tertio Service Composer applications provide easy to use graphical tools for configuring services and the processes for activating them.

Our software solutions support more than 150 million wireless subscribers and 150 million access lines worldwide!

Mediation & Assurance

Evolving Systems' Mediation and Assurance portfolio provides a framework for network and operations efficiency, improved service quality and accurate billing, with proven support for quadruple play services - voice, data, video and mobile.

Evident and Mediation Central provide a mediation layer to support both network and service data.

Netvantage provides monitoring and management of network performance and service quality.

Numbering Solutions
Evolving Systems is a prominent provider of number portability solutions in the US. Its portfolio addresses the challenges of number portability and number management globally, helping to drive down operator costs for traditional and next generation networks.

The portfolio includes OrderPath ordering gateway and NumberManager provisioning system.

The Company's Numeritrack product provides an integrated Number Management and Inventory solution that delivers operational efficiency and improved customer experiences through more accurate management.

In addition, the Verify portfolio provides a full suite of application monitor and test tools.

Representative customers
Wireless: 3 (Hutchison), Cingular, Inmarsat, T-Mobile UK, Vodafone group companies Cable: Comcast, Cox Communications, Telewest Broadband, Time Warner Telecom Wireline: BellSouth Communications, SBC, Qwest, Verizon, Cybercity, Tele2

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