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Beyond Quad Play: XoIP 
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Making XoIP Deliver QoE

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packet flows. Depending on the type of network, there are a number of critical network segments where strategically deployed instrumentation will provide essential visibility. Fixed line operators with IP MPLS or metro Ethernet networks will find they need to instrument critical OC-12/OC-48 POS, Gigabit Ethernet, or 10 Gigabit Ethernet segments across the backbone. Mobile operators with GSM/UMTS or CDMA2000 may find they need to instrument Gn or A10/A11 interfaces, Gi or Pi interfaces, interfaces to roaming partners, or ATM / MPLS VRF segments in the backbone to achieve visibility.

With instrumentation in place, service providers can use the information for evaluating the performance of AAA services, VoIP calls, internet services, and even networking activities that are often unknown to subscribers but affect their quality of experience (QoE), such as DNS or DHCP. Visibility into the KPIs, service flows, and packets enables service providers to reduce MTTR and improve network and service assurance with advanced customer/service-aware performance monitoring. The following examples illustrate the importance of visibility.

It is easy to see the opportunity to increase market share and revenue from fast-rising demand for XoIP services for providers around the world.


for troubleshooting degradations, traffic engineering, and/or capacity planning purposes. The analysis of the AAA traffic flows can reveal:

  • Total AAA traffic volume in bytes or packets in real-time and over time to pinpoint peak activity times of the day
  • Utilization for specific AAA servers to verify and validate load balancing is performing as designed
  • Response times for specific services with proactive alarms to alert when expected performance levels are degrading

Internet Services
Web-based services (SOA applications) have become increasingly more popular for enterprises to develop and host for customers, partners, and employees. Internet-based services for downloading content, whether it be the latest YouTube phenomena, requests for stock trades,


AAA Services
AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) systems in service provider IP-based networks control what resources individual customers or subscribers have access to while simultaneously maintaining their activity over the network for billing purposes. If the AAA system, such as RADIUS or TACACS, is not performing as required, subscribers may not be able to gain access to services and the result will often be a direct loss of revenue or at least a loss of subscriber confidence.

A performance monitoring solution can gather and analyze the efficiency and behavior of AAA services and provide refined graphs, reports, and tables that can be used

streaming Internet radio, or streaming sporting events, has created a unique set of opportunities and challenges for service providers. Poor QoE of internet services for subscribers can be an immediate and primary cause of customer churn. From a service assurance perspective, the internet has a substantial volume of conversation traffic that represents high value services to an operator, making it an essential area of the network to establish performance monitoring and visibility.

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