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Going Local:
The TM Forum's Regional Events
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By Tim Young

With their annual TMW (TM Forum Management World), TM Forum is responsible for what is arguably one of the finest and most focused shows for the OSS/BSS market. The TMW-Americas show, formerly in Dallas but moving to Orlando for 2008, is also a quality event for CSPs and OSS/BSS vendors. However, many may not be aware of regional events put forward by the TM Forum to take advantage of growing markets in other geographic areas, as well.

Coming up in March, the TMF will be offering Management World Middle East in Dubai, followed by Management World India in New Delhi.

The Dubai event, entitled “Delivering Winning Solutions for Service Operations” will take place March 3-5 at Le Meridien. The New Delhi event will take place March 31- April 3 at that city's Le Meridien, and is entitled “Delivering Innovation and Excellence for Service Operations.”

We spoke to Suzy Mayhew, Head of Events for the TMF, to get a better feel for what these events have in store for vendors and service providers alike, and how they fit into a landscape already saturated with trade shows and regional showcases.

However, many may not be aware of regional events put forward by the TM Forum to take advantage of growing markets in other geographic areas, as well.

developing world. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

However, there are some aspects of doing business in the telecom world that are similar no matter where you go. “[CSPs] also need to remain competitive through optimal and efficient operations, sustain innovation, explore new business models and partnerships whilst looking to provide new services,” says Mayhew.

First and foremost, we wanted to understand how the events differ from TMW-Nice and the Americas show in terms of content, attendance, and scope. “These events have been researched and developed to focus on the specific current and upcoming issues facing the Middle East and India, respectively,” Mayhew replied. “Service providers in these two dynamic markets face different concerns, in some ways, to other parts of the world.” Indeed, the concerns of areas that traditionally may not possess the same infrastructure as Western Europe or North America are quite different. A look at other articles in this issue will underscore the difference in approach to technologies like WiMAX as a viable replacement for absent last-mile access technologies in parts of the
In structure, the regional events are considerably more compact than the larger events, as well. “Management World Middle East is a 1-day (3 March), plenary session event with two days of training courses from TM Forum Training,” says Mayhew. “Management World India is a 2-day, (2-3 April) plenary session event, with training courses from TM Forum Training taking place on the 31 March-1 April.”

The attendance expectations are considerably more modest, as well. “These events will attract between 200-300 attendees, mainly from the Middle East region and India,” said Mayhew. “The last event for the Middle East held by the TM Forum attracted 170

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